Introducing Spray Away

Toilet Brush!

The Most Sanitary Way to Clean Your Toilet Bowl!



The ONLY Bowl Cleaner With Built-In Sprayer and Brush in One!
Spray Away is designed so your brush head never touches the mess left behind. The secret is its patented built-in pump sprayer and jet stream nozzle located at the end of the brush head.

Using Spray Away Toilet Brush is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Just place the brush head in the clean water after you flush.
Draw back on the handle to fill the water chamber
Aim and depress the handle. A powerful stream of water instantly washes away the stuck-on residue from the sides of the bowl.

Whether It’s a Quick Clean or a Deeper Scrub...

Spray Away Has You Covered!

For your weekly clean, add disinfectant or bleach in to the water before spraying to destroy germs even under the rim. Use your high-density brush to achieve a pristine clean. When you’re done, just place your clean Spray Away Toilet brush back in its convenient caddy.

Trust us - it's really THAT EASY!

Real People, Real Results.

Spray Away is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Used Before!

"This may sound crazy...but Spray Away Toilet Brush makes cleaning the toilets in my house kind of fun! Plus, I know I'm going to get a spotless clean, every single time I use it!"
"Trust me -- I HATE cleaning the bathroom. I will put it off until it absolutely has to be cleaned. Now, because of Spray Away Toilet Brush, I hit the bathroom first! It's the quickest and easiest room in my house to clean!"

"Traditional bathroom brushes have always grossed me out -- who knows what kind of germs and bacteria are lurking inside of it? With Spray Away Toilet Brush, I know my toilet brush is germ-free every time I use it. I'm sold!"

"This brush is SO easy to use and never actually touches the mess. The power spray function is so great. Everyone I know is getting one of these for the holidays."

Spray, Clean, Flush – Your Brush Never Touches the Stuff!